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The Instructional Design Emergency Response Network is a group of online learning and eLearning professionals from K-12, higher education, and workforce development. We are here to support individual educators or trainers, schools, firms, and organizations during times of crisis.

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  • How Does This Network... Work?
    Giving Help Instructional designers, instructional technologists, and other online learning professionals (OLPs) register using the "Give Help" button on the homepage. The registration form asks respondents to indicate their level of proficiency with common instructional technologies and learning management systems (such as Moodle and Canvas) and to describe other expertise they may have in instructional design (such as universal design and specific instructional design models). Registrations redirect into a Google Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet can be filtered based on the needs of the requesting educator to narrow the pool. The Network Admin reviews OLP credentials to verify expertise and determine which OLP to match with the requesting educator. Getting Help Educators and institutional representatives complete a request form to identify the instructional technologies they have access to and describe their needs. The Network Admin will respond to all requests by email within 24 hours, but may need more information from an individual educator before making a match. Requests from institutional representatives will also receive an email response within 24 hours.
  • I signed up to help. Why haven't I been contacted?
    Thank you for signing up with ID-ER Network! The Network Admin matches educators to network participants within 24 hours of their request for support. If you haven't been contacted yet, here are a couple of reasons why that may be: Most likely, your extremely valuable and specific skill set just hasn't aligned with the needs of the requesting educator yet. If you're eager to help and you haven't been asked, please feel free to email or PM @id_erNet on Twitter for suggestions on more ways to get involved. Occasionally, it's because the link provided for verification of qualifications (such as to your Linkedin profile or website) was broken or I otherwise could not easily confirm your credentials. If you're concerned that the link you provided is broken, please email to confirm with the Network Admin.
  • When I'm asked to work with a requesting educator, what should I expect and do?"
    If matched with a requesting educator, you will receive an email from the Network Admin ( with the subject line "Making Introductions." Please reply to that email within 24 hours to begin building a relationship with your educator and addressing their needs. Once the Network Admin makes the initial introduction, there is no need to reply all or otherwise include the Network Admin in future correspondence with your educator. If at any time you need additional support or resources, or have any questions or concerns, please email for help. If at any time your circumstances change and you can not continue working with your educator, but they still need help, please refer them back to the Network Admin by sending an email to the educator and
  • I'm an educator requesting help. What should I expect?
    The Network Admin will contact you by email within 24 hours of your initial request. Look for an email from with the subject line "Your Support Request" or "Making Introductions." If the online learning partner assigned to you fails to contact you within 72 hours, is not able to help with your original request, or you have other questions or concerns, please contact the Network Admin ( and ask for help.
  • I'm requesting help on behalf of my institution, school, organization, or department. What should I expect?"
    The Network Admin will contact you within 24 hours of your initial request. Look for an email from with the subject line "Your Support Request." The email will include a request to schedule a phone call to discuss your needs and your faculty's needs further, as well as some ideas about possible ways ID-ER Network can help, based on the information from your original request.


"Meet the Instructional Design ‘First Responders’ Helping Faculty Teach in an Emergency"

An interview with Rebecca Koenig of EdSurge!
Published March 19, 2020

"Let's hail the heroes of higher ed’s pandemic-inspired shift into the modern age"

An EdSource commentary by Jody Greene

"Field Report #1: Making #RemoteTeaching Happen"


Teaching Online Podcast Episode 63 mentions ID-ER Network at 21 minutes.

Published April 6, 2020

"Working and Teaching from Home"

Discussion about ID-ER Network begins at 27 minutes.

Published March 26, 2020

Shoutouts on Twitter!

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Established on March 9, 2020, more than 500 eLearning and online learning professionals have signed up to support educators all over the world. We have more than 3,000 years of combined experience and we are eager to work with you. Let us help you keep teaching!


I'm thrilled to serve as your Network Admin. I have 10+ years of experience in instructional design and a master of arts in Women's Studies. I'm a graduate of Ball State University and Texas Woman's University. I was born and raised in Boonville, IN and now live in Fort Worth, TX.



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